1/4oz American Gold Eagle - Random Year - BU
1/4oz American Gold Eagle - Random Year - BU

1/4oz American Gold Eagle - Random Year - BU

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1-19 $678.85
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1-19 $698.54
20-39 $693.39
40-119 $688.25
120+ $683.10

Exquisitely crafted and containing 1/4 oz of pure gold, these American Gold Eagle coins stand as magnificent tributes to artistic mastery. The obverse, inspired by Augustus Saint-Gaudens' timeless Gold Double Eagle design, showcases Lady Liberty, standing tall against the backdrop of the United States Capitol. In her right hand, she holds a torch, and in her left, an olive branch, symbolizing peace. The Type 1 reverse, used from 1986 to 2021, portrays a male bald eagle descending to its nest, carrying an olive branch, while a watchful female eagle guards her young. Contrastingly, the Type 2 reverse introduced in 2021 captivates with a striking close-up of an eagle, showcasing its majestic beauty.

These random year 1/4 oz American Gold Eagle coins offer a splendid opportunity for collectors and investors to immerse themselves in the world of gold coins, combining artistic elegance with potential investment value.

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